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Insurance coverage

We are committed to helping clients, which includes doing everything in our power to ensure that treatment is not a financial burden. Health insurance often covers the cost of mental health treatment with us.

Insurance verification

Our mental health treatment facility in New Jersey offers outpatient psychiatric treatment for individuals ages 18 and older. When seeking treatment for mental health, most prospective clients are concerned with the cost of treatment. This is a valid concern, as many private treatment providers may not work with your insurance plan.

At Footprints to Recovery, our team works tirelessly as your healthcare advocates to coordinate your care with your insurance provider. It is our goal to make sure you or your loved one receives the help needed to thrive in life. This goal extends to our ability in advocating your mental health needs to your insurance provider for coverage.

Does insurance cover
mental health treatment?

Most health insurance providers and plans will have benefits for mental health treatment. What this means is that mental health treatment is typically covered by your health insurance. Depending on the terms of your specific policy and plan, health insurance may cover some or all of the cost of treatment.

Benefits of Checking Your Coverage for Mental Health Treatment Online

Completing a secure online insurance verification form is an essential step for those seeking outpatient mental health treatment. Filling out the form accurately and completely helps to ensure that your insurance will cover the care you seek. By submitting the form, you can verify that your insurance policy will be accepted and all necessary benefits are provided for your desired course of treatment. With a digital verification form, it’s easier than ever before to make sure your claim will be approved with all available benefits included.

The process of verifying coverage is also much faster when done online, rather than through more traditional means such as over the phone or via snail mail. This means you can get started on your treatment sooner and with less stress, knowing that your insurance provider has everything they need in order to approve your claim. It also reduces the chances of any delays due to paperwork errors or other issues commonly experienced with manual forms.

Filling out an online insurance verification form provides peace of mind knowing that all the necessary information has been submitted in order to receive coverage for mental health care services. Rather than worrying about whether or not you’re providing enough information for an accurate review, simply provide what’s asked and rest assured that everything required by your insurer is included in the submitted application so that you can access care quickly and easily without delay.

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Check Your Coverage Online

If you would like information about your health insurance plan, coverage, and benefits for outpatient mental health services, please use our insurance verification form below.

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All information you provide is handled securely and carefully, to maintain the highest standards of security and privacy for our clients. Any information you share is safe with us, and will never be sold, shared, or discussed with anyone outside of Footprints to Recovery Mental Health and your insurance provider.

If you have any questions about how we handle your information, please contact us directly at

What To Expect In Outpatient Treatment at Footprints

Checking your health insurance coverage is the most efficient way to get the treatment process started. Our specialists will receive your insurance information and take a look at your policy, benefits, and any deductible or co-insurance. After reviewing your policy details, one of our compassionate team members will contact you to go over your plan together. 

In this call, we will take the time to explain your coverage and give you accurate information in regard to the cost of treatment. Many times, insurance does cover treatment with us, however, if it does not cover treatment we will let you know upfront. We value honesty and integrity and want treatment to be attainable for you or your loved one.

If we are not the right treatment facility for you, we are happy to help you find a program that will meet your needs.

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